Website Design

Tami Marler, MBA also specializes in website design and maintenance, building dynamic, attractive sites of all sizes.

Our web design process reflects the partnership that entails constant communication.

Web Design Planning Stage
You drive the web design train. Before we start building your site, we collaborate to determine what you want to achieve. Do you need to communicate through your website? Do you need email? What is your intended balance of imagery versus text? Will you need a logo? Do you have your own high-quality photos?

Website Design Process - Design

Your plan drives the website design. We send you an array of options that match your preferences. The choices will include the colors, fonts, images and layouts that are available for each design.  We’ll provide a Dropbox link where we can share resources you hope to include in the design.

Website Design Process: Development

Once we have a plan and design, we get to work on developing the website. We provide you with a link to the staging site so you can monitor the website design process. We’ll send you details as we build, so that you can provide feedback to ensure you’re getting exactly what you need.

Website Design Process: Testing

Now that the site is developed, we run a final test on all of the links, forms and resources to ensure functionality. We run performance tests to ensure your site is ready to meet and serve the public. Because we’ve communicated throughout the build, the testing process is a precautionary step prior to launch.

Website Design Process: LaunchAfter collaboration, planning, design, development and testing, your site is ready for prime time! We’ll assist you with suggestions to communicate your site launch to your target audience. Monitoring and communication continues through the launch process.

Website Design Process: Support

Our support continues beyond the successful launch of your new website. We remain as administrators on the site so we can monitor and make adjustments as necessary. We keep a close eye on your new website for 30 days, and beyond if you retain us for web maintenance.

Post-Design Services

Tami Marler, MBA also provides post-design services to  maximize your site’s functionality, security and performance. In additional to monthly maintenance, we offer search engine optimization, video production and social media integration and planning.