All the benefits of a full-time public relations department, without all the expense.

Thank you for seeking to learn more about Tami Marler and Associates! We’re a Tulsa-based strategic marketing and public relations firm that serves businesses that understand the importance of strategy.

Founded by former TV journalist and MBA, Tami Marler, we bring to the table experience and proven instincts, so you can rest assured, your strategic communications plan is in the hands of a trustworthy, industrious, capable, proven marketing and PR leader.

If you know anything about Tami Marler, you know she is driven by purpose. Her reputation for fearless pursuit of truth and justice is her brand. The Marler Strategy begins with helping you to identifying your central message or brand.

The Marler Strategy

Our partnerships begin with a brief questionnaire that helps us understand what you mean to your customers, and what success looks like to you.

  • What are your PR and marketing goals?
  • What is your overall vision and mission?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • Do your competitors do anything better than you?
  • What do you do better than your competitors?
  • What would your customers say is your brand?
  • How about your employees? Do they understand where they fit in to your success?

There are no “right” answers to the questions, but an organization that has no idea who they are, exactly where they want to go and why, is an organization flailing to survive.

We get to know your business so we can understand your values and culture, then we help you develop a plan to reach and impact your customers – current and future. Whether you’re targeting millennials, boomers or or GenX-ers, Marler will help you identify the tools and tactics to hit the target, every time.

Public Relations Begins With Truth

A successful PR plan begins with the truth. We believe you must be what you say you are. Your employees are your most important audience, and if they don’t believe what you’re selling, they’re your first enemy when the dominoes start to fall. Many organizations find themselves in a downward spiral when disgruntled employees see the media as their last hope. Leaders find themselves allocating all of their resources toward fretting over media and plugging leaks, which leaves the organization floundering without a rudder.

The Marler Strategy values employee relations first and foremost. If they don’t believe what you’re telling the public, they could sink your ship before it launches. That’s why your employees are the first step in a proactive¬†communications plan of transparency and openness. Your employees are also an excellent sounding board for releasing potentially damaging information. Marler & Associates will help you ensure your message is authentic, and that your employees feel like they have a place (and a say) in your organization’s success.

It’s Your Story

Something else you probably know about Tami Marler, is that she values authenticity. Even as spokesperson for a large government entity, she preferred to have the media talk with those who were closest to the story. First-hand accounts are more authentic than a talking head spouting talking points. So she trained staff and students to feel comfortable talking with reporters. If a sticky situation called for a more experienced spokesperson, Tami would field media questions. But for the most part, the media prefers first-person interviews, so we make sure you’re camera ready!

You have a story to tell, and you should be the one to tell it. The media is just one of the tools in a successful PR toolkit. We’ll help you tell your story through myriad channels, to reach you varied audiences where they consume information.

Partner with Us

Whether you need collateral materials, someone to manage your social media, a new website, SEO or a whole image makeover, Marler has the expertise and connections to ensure your well-defined message comes across loud and clear to the right targets, at the right times.

Can’t afford a full-time Marketing Director or full-time spokesperson but understand the importance of both to the growth of your organization? That’s why Marler and Associates exists.

Tami’s background in Tulsa television and radio news, combined with her business experience and Master of Business Administration from the University of Tulsa, gives clients the benefits of all sides of the strategic puzzle.

You have time to do what you do best when you partner with Marler. From individuals, to Mom-and-Pop-sized organizations to major corporations, Marler & Associates provides comprehensive marketing and digital services for budgets of all sizes.