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Tami Marler, MBA has a unique skill set that positions her to provide unparalleled PR services. After 15 years of award-winning enterprise and investigative journalism, Tami Marler returned to her MBA education and training, running the communications department for Oklahoma’s largest public school district. She gained experience on the other side of the camera as a spokesperson. She found that stories came across better when told by the students and officials involved. So began Tami’s interest in teaching businesses how to attract and assist journalists in engaging their audiences.

First-Hand Knowledge

First and foremost, Tami Marler knows what reporters need to tell a story. As an award-winning investigative reporter, she knows how hard-hitting investigations begin. As a former news manager, she knows how and why stories get assigned resources. And from the other side of the camera, Tami  knows how to write compelling news releases, how to engage reporters, and how not to react when an interview takes a tenuous turn. As a communications director, Tami mastered the array of PR services and tools that reach diverse audiences, often when media can’t. Finally, Tami is most gratified when she’s helped someone else to shine in the spotlight.

PR Services – Strategic Communications

Marler & Associates will help you to determine how, if, when and where to share your story, and which tools are most effective to reach the distinct groups you serve. We’ll develop and implement a strategic communications plan that reflects your vision, mission and core values; defines your communications objectives and ensures you achieve them. We’ll help your team to congeal around a single unifying message, and we’ll lay out a timeline that maximizes impact and minimizes the confusion and uncertainty that can lead to “bad press.”

PR Services – Media Relations

Most reporters don’t seek to do harm. But good reporters have an ear for incomplete or evasive answers, and it’s their job to clarify. That’s why clarity is of the utmost importance. The less you’re able to clarify, the more you muddy the waters and the more suspicious a good reporter may become.

The more (and sooner) you provide simple information in a concise manner, the better the reception you will enjoy.

We’ll develop visual but simple communications that answer questions before they become issues. We’ll develop a consistent content pipeline to ensure your messaging is spontaneous and genuine, yet focused on your organization’s brand.

Learn to Give Reporters What They Need

It’s important for your communications to remain consistent, no matter what tools you’re using or audience you’re reaching. Marler & Associates will develop and execute a communications plan that matches and conveys your strategic plan’s vision, mission and core values.

It’s not enough to display voluminous information on a website and expect your target audience to A) find it and B) understand it. We’ll provide the media with the type of content they crave to attract and retain their unique audience.

  • Television news – visual, human, simple, one stop
  • Radio – natural sound, conversant spokesperson
  • Newspaper – informative, layered, complex

According to Pew Research Center, online news is closing in on television news as the source for American consumers, with television news steadily declining and online news rapidly increasing. That makes the mastery of online tools imperative in not only informing your audiences, but feeding local media a steady stream of story ideas.

Not only does the public get its news online, but reporters scour social media for story ideas. A robust social media plan integrates web content with scheduled and spontaneous posts that celebrate your milestones, your staff’s achievements, or news that has the potential to impact your organization.

PR Services – Media Relations Training

Your employees and customers have compelling stories to tell about why they choose you. The daily media yearns for good-news stories about the communities where they live and work. We believe there’s no better person to tell your story than those who live it, day in and day out.

In most cases, there’s nothing to fear when a reporter calls. But how can you tell the difference between a reporter seeking to tell a positive story and one working a hard-hitting investigation?

Marler & Associates will teach you the cues to help you discern the intended angle of a story, where it might be headed and how to provide the information the reporter needs without harming yourself or the organization. We’ll walk through potential pitfalls, and what to do when you recognize a line of questioning as taken tenuous turn.

We’ll train you and your staff to be confident and concise in front of the media. You’ll be ready to pass the baton when questions go outside of their area of expertise – without appearing rattled or rude.

PR Services – Integrative Communications

Social media is today’s town hall; where organizations have constant opportunities to interface with the public. Nothing drives your website’s traffic like a visual social media post. Personal video vignettes posted on your website and shared via social media put faces to facts, and share your accomplishments and challenges in a unique and engaging way.

PR Services – Digital Image Enhancement

A single news story can wreak havoc on the online reputation of a businessperson with an otherwise stellar career record. Digital image enhancement ensures you own the real estate on the first page of an online search. A continuous flow of fresh content fills the worldwide web with positive news to drown out the occasional negative hit.

Crisis Communications

Finally, Tami Marler’s experience reporting crises involving organizations, schools, governments and businesses; and years of fielding reporter questions about school scandals, crimes and budget issues, gives her a unique perspective.