Tami Marler, MBA – Lead Consultant & Strategist

Tami Marler, Miss Oklahoma 1989Tami Marler earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Tulsa. She was Miss Oklahoma in 1989 and won a talent award and placed in the top 10 at the 1990 Miss America Pageant.

From Beauty to Newsy – Tami Marler, Journalist

""After her pageant days, Tami anchored the news for the top station in the Tulsa television market. As a hard-hitting investigative journalist, she won numerous awards for her investigative and enterprise work.

When she left KOTV to lead the communications department for Oklahoma’s largest school district at the time, her news director’s farewell announcement said, “Tami always brings good story ideas to the table and pursues those stories with passion and determination. The end result is always smart, thorough and something the competition doesn’t have. In addition she has been a seasoned, professional presence on the weekend anchor desk.”

Tami Marler has provided marketing and strategic planning expertise to businesses and individuals since 2010. She returned to news in 2014 and found that it wasn’t the same as it was when she left the top station in the market.

Web Design & SEO

Tami taught herself enough computer coding and content management platforms to design rich, dynamic websites and HTML marketing emails. Consulting for small businesses with limited resources encouraged her to use her natural curiosity to learn search engine optimization (SEO). She took businesses from zero visibility online, to controlling the first page of searches of their names and services.

Tami’s writing experience, combined with her mastery of SEO, marketing and design skills, gives clients an entire website design team, in one person.

Tami Marler, Horse Rescuer

In addition to providing strategic communications guidance and support to area businesses and individuals, Tami founded a 501C3 rescue. Swingin’ D Horse Rescue saves the lives of horses bound for foreign slaughter. In the first year, they saved and placed 26 horses and mules.

Tami Marler's Swingin' D Horse Rescue

Tami’s husband, Danny Elliott, an investigator with the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office, gave her a horse for Christmas. Aubrey (above left) was a beautiful, perfectly healthy sorrel mare. Soon after, she saw a Facebook post featuring a gelding that looked just like Aubrey. Jake (above right) was bound for slaughter the same day. As Facebook posters begged for money to “bail” Jake from the kill lot, Tami donned her investigator hat. She took a crash Google course in American horse slaughter.

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Tami Marler spends much of her time volunteering at the 501c3 horse rescue she founded. In her first year, she rescued the lives of 26 horses and mules, and adopted them to responsible owners. In this photo, Tami cools off a baby horse on a hot summer day. Winston was 9 months old, starved and wild when Tami saved him from slaughter. A year later, he’s almost ready to train under saddle.
Tami Marler – Telling a New Story

Tami was shocked to learn, nearly 130,000 horses are shipped to foreign slaughter every year. The U.S. made it illegal to butcher horses for meat in 2007. That’s when a new industry – buoyed by social media – made it possible to legally transport them to Canada and Mexico.

By the end of the day, Tami owned another horse. After spent too much of her own money saving horses, she founded Swingin’ D Horse Rescue (named after her husband).

Tami also uses the skills she learned as a storyteller to shoot and edit videos that shine a light on a filthy industry. She finds peace working with and caring for the horses she rescues from slaughter.

Tami Marler’s Passion: Crisis Communications

Tami quenches her thirst for breaking news by helping organizations through crises. She knows first hand, from running businesses and being the reporter seeking soundbites, the last thing a CEO or other leader needs during a catastrophe is someone waving a microphone in their face.  She also knows how easily reputations can be ruined by one imperfect response to challenges. The only worse combination than stress, worry and fear, is if you throw in someone wanting to tell “your story.”

Tami has a passion for helping organizations communicate with their audiences through challenging times. Her steady guidance and broad perspective offers calm and assurance through the storm, so leaders can focus on leading.

Tami supports organizations and individuals with crisis communications, public relations, image enhancement, online image management, web development and design, search engine optimization and marketing. That is, when she’s not rescuing and wrangling horses!