Web Design: Our Role

Now that you’ve show us your vision, we take over the design process with web development and testing – the technical stuff you hired us to do.

The heart of any web design by Tami Marler is communication, so we’ll provide you with updates all along the way.
Design Process: Web Development Testing is part of our Web Development

While you’re building your business, we’re buildingĀ  what will soon be your most important communication tool.

We use robust web development tools that give you a wide variety of functions, including interactive forms, online stores, event calendars, photo galleries and much more. We test your site’s functionality and appearance on multiple browsers and devices throughout the process.

Your Website is Your Digital Hub

Tami Marler designs websites to be your digital communications hub. We believe all of your stories should begin and end on your website, and be integrated with your social media accounts. Consider the diagram below.Web Development of your Digital HubThink about it. What happens when you post news or information on your website and share it on social media? You hope it gets shared, right? A social media post that goes “viral” can put your business in front of an exponential audience. That means a link to your website can grow your traffic exponentially. That’s a potentially significant number of new prospective customers, cruising through your digital hub.

A truly viral social media post will catch the attention of the local media. Media attention has the ability to prompt viewers to take action. That’s a new update to your website! And the cycle goes around and around.

Now that we’ve developed and tested your site, it’s time to set the launch code!